Osmium can be purchased directly online via the www.buy-osmium.com website. Purchases are conducted both to end customers and to retailers with the corresponding automated discounts.

Upon request, every trading partner can also receive a free shop website of this type, personalized to him or her. This page may also run under its own URL to direct customer requests to the own page.

We look forward to every new partner as the market begins now and offers some truly outstanding USPs:


1.) Osmium is the rarest, most valuable, most abrasion-resistant and densest metal on the globe. Besides, it is incredibly beautiful, because it is only sold in crystalline form.

2.) Osmium can only be crystallized since a few years. Before this process was discovered, osmium was harmful to health and could not be marketed.

3.) Exclusivity for osmium is in the hands of the Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringen und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH (Osmium-Institute Germany). The result was a monopoly.

4.) High margins have already been achieved with osmium in recent years.




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