Osmium Big Bang

Osmium Big Bang

The Osmium Big Bang is imminent:

In the near future, experts believe that the entire global osmium stock might be sold. It is assumed that crystalline osmium can then only be purchased back from the current owners in order to bring it back onto the market or have it processed into jewellery.

This moment is likely to result in a significant change in prices. Any partner who has referred their own customers can then start trading osmium and selling it to the jewellery market.

It should be the goal of all dealers and partners to have as much as possible of the approximately 9 cubic meters of osmium available in the earth's crust: Either in their own hands or in the hands of customers they have acquired themselves.

All the osmium used in jewellery will no longer be available to the manufacturers and so over the years and decades osmium will become increasingly rare and probably also more expensive.



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Osmium Big Bang