Dear partners,

we are getting started right now! The exciting osmium market welcomes you as new members.

To make onboarding and getting started easy for you, we would like to give you some information.

To start with, the first step is onboarding. Here you choose the status you would like to have in the team.

Part of the onboarding is also an online training at www.osmium-academy.com. In order to complete this training and to have provided all documents, we offer an assistance. These are the so-called guidelines. It will guide you through the onboarding process until all the conditions for gaining expertise are met.

From the moment you register as a trader or tipster, an Internet tool is available that contains important accounts and overviews.

There is a dealer database, but also a database to claim interested parties and customers for yourself.

If you have any special questions, please contact our hotline at +49 89 7 44 88 88 88.


Osmium Big Bang

The Osmium Big Bang is imminent:

Being so extremely rare, very soon the whole world deposit of Osmium will be sold. By then, the only possible way to buy it, will be to purchase it back from the momentary owners.

It will be the goal of all merchants and partners to get their hands on as much of the remaining 8m³ Osmium as possible or at least know it is somewhere with their own customers.

All the into jewellery manufactured Osmium will not be available for the market anymore which is why Osmium is destined to become more rare and more expansive in the next few years.  


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