Dear partners,

we are getting started right now! The exciting osmium market welcomes you as new members.

To make onboarding and getting started easy for you, we would like to give you some information.

To start with, the first step is onboarding. Here you choose the status you would like to have in the team.

Part of the onboarding is also an online training at www.osmium-academy.com. In order to complete this training and to have provided all documents, we offer assistance, referring to the so-called guideline. It will guide you through the onboarding process until all the conditions for gaining expertise are met.

From the moment you register as a trader or tipster, an Internet tool is available that contains important accounts and overviews.

There is a dealer database, but also a database to claim interested parties and customers for yourself.

If you have any special questions, please contact our hotline at +49 89 7 44 88 88 88.



On the following pages you will find information material:


This is the main page for information about osmium with all important details about market, application and features. It also contains a list of certified retailers. The non-certified retailers are not listed.



The current osmium price can be found here. From Switzerland, it is reissued every day.



The Osmium-Institute is the official body for the certification and marketing of osmium. Here each piece is provided with a photo certificate before it is delivered.

Since crystalline osmium cannot be marketed in any other way, its exclusivity makes it particularly secure for customers and selling partners.



On the onboarding page you can log in to become a tipster or receive the status of a trading partner.



On Osmium-Sales the trading conditions and earning opportunities are described.


www.osmium-training.com, www.osmium-academy.com

On the page Osmium-Training you get a short overview of the provided online trainings and the face-to-face events. On the university side the contents and courses as well as the exams are placed.



For jewellers there is special information on the processing of osmium. Every jeweller should be a trading partner and be certified to trade osmium and confirm authenticity to end customers. More and more jewellers are processing osmium because it can be easily combined with metals such as gold, silver, platinum, ruthenium and titanium. In each case, importance is attached to ensuring that the osmium retains its shape in order to remain an investment metal at the same time.


Osmium can be purchased directly online via the www.buy-osmium.com website. Purchases are conducted both to end customers and to retailers with the corresponding automated discounts.

Upon request, every trading partner can also receive a free shop website of this type, personalized to him or her. This page may also run under its own URL to direct customer requests to the own page.

We look forward to every new partner as the market begins now and offers some truly outstanding USPs:


1.) Osmium is the rarest, most valuable, most abrasion-resistant and densest metal on the globe. Besides, it is incredibly beautiful, because it is only sold in crystalline form.

2.) Osmium can only be crystallized since a few years. Before this process was discovered, osmium was harmful to health and could not be marketed.

3.) Exclusivity for osmium is in the hands of the Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringen und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH (Osmium-Institute Germany). The result was a monopoly.

4.) High margins have already been achieved with osmium in recent years.


Trade-in of silver or gold

Osmium is the new gold.

By the way, the "Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH" offers almost continuously to exchange silver, gold, platinum and palladium without exchange fees.

In these cases, the commission is paid in the form of the precious metal used to pay the osmium.

Every gram of osmium being in the hands of a person who is registered will be of future advantage to the owner, the retailer, the intermediary and the institution. A fourfold win situation.

Request goods on consignment

To support sales, one must be able to present real osmium. Its special characteristics, its incomparable sparkle and its weight can only then be seen, felt and therefore experienced. A pure description or photos do not have the same effect.

Therefore each partner is entitled to request commission goods. The quantity and nature of the goods depends on his turnover and the experience with the partner so far.

In general, however, it is always possible to receive goods on consignment.


Osmium Big Bang

The Osmium Big Bang is imminent:

In the near future, experts believe that the entire global osmium stock might be sold. It is assumed that crystalline osmium can then only be purchased back from the current owners in order to bring it back onto the market or have it processed into jewellery.

This moment is likely to result in a significant change in prices. Any partner who has referred their own customers can then start trading osmium and selling it to the jewellery market.

It should be the goal of all dealers and partners to have as much as possible of the approximately 9 cubic meters of osmium available in the earth's crust: Either in their own hands or in the hands of customers they have acquired themselves.

All the osmium used in jewellery will no longer be available to the manufacturers and so over the years and decades osmium will become increasingly rare and probably also more expensive.


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