State Institute Partner

State Institute Partner

Our institute („Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium“) needs a partner in every country oft he world. This partner will watch over the import of Osmium into his territory, work on the logistics and will be the key contact to business partners, jewellers and customers.

In addition, the partner will receive the certifications from Germany and will pass them on to the new owner if an authentication is needed.

The Institute Partner will be financial participated in every sell made in his country, even if it is another country were the final process will be concluded.

It is extremely important to us that our partner understands and behaves in a way that is appropriate for this product and its market.

Our primary goal being the expansion of our business, the Institute Partner will look after all his distribution and trade channels, trying to expand them and generate new partners.

You can apply at www.osmium-onboarding.com or call our institute hotline +49 (89) 7 44 88 88 – 88.

We are looking forward to meeting new partners who will help us fill in the last gaps on our worldwide Osmium map.


Why are we looking for institute partners?

Osmium is an unforgeable metal. The authenticity can be easily proved and, in addition, every single piece of Osmium matches to its photographic certificate.

To offer this service not only in Germany but worldwide, we need partners who are able to author certificates with us in every country. The real authentication progress will still take place in Germany (by using the photos of every Osmiums “crystallized fingerprint”) while our partners need to issue the document and send it on its way.

Osmium certification in Germany is exclusively handled by the “Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung für Osmium”. To prevent misuse there will be only one partner in each country having the same duties and rights as in Germany.

With the status of an institute partner comes the privilege to earn money in every sale made in this country. With the growing market and the trade starting now, this business is extremely lucrative and is mainly for our excusive partners.

Which exclusivity is granted?

The State-Institute Partner is exclusive in his land. Only he is entitled to trade with crystallized Osmium.

There is no way around this partner. He can be assured that right now there is only one company worldwide being able to crystallize Osmium.

The process of crystallization is incredibly complex and technically difficult which is why, in the next few decades, there is no competition to be feared. More information will be provided in our trainings or when calling the Osmium-Hotline.

The Insitute-Partner will receive a training covering all the tasks he is asked to fulfil in his country. He will have the full support of the German institute.

Conditions for obtaining the status of an institute partner

There are some requirements a possible partner has to fulfil to become an Institute-partner.

1.)   Owning a business

2.)   Experience with international markets

3.)   Having a team to establish business relations in his/her country

4.)   At least one employee speaking good German or English

5.)   Responsible handling with the exclusivity in his/her country

6.)   Purchase of Osmium

7.)   Possibility to store Osmium safely as goods of commission  

8.)   Theft-insurance

If you are able to fulfil these requirements, please apply and talk with us about the future of the Osmium market.

Income and performance

Every Institute-partner gets 3 percent of the total sales made in his country.

This percentage is unattached and additional to his/her own trade discounts up to 11% which every partner will get when buying directly for merchandise.

His/her task will be the shipment and support of the partners in his country for every question or if special products are demanded.

The partner will see to every customer receiving his Osmium certificate which are issued in Germany.

The partner has to have or establish a company in his country which includes the name of the Osmium-institute and the country.

The placing of Osmium at his countries market will be completely up to him/her.

He/she will receive a specified training about Osmium and his/her market. Our goal are long-term partnerships with every country in the world.  

Referrer for an institute partner

Persons or institutions who find a State-Institute-Partner will receive a bonus for their efforts.

If there will be more than one person who have helped to find the Institute-Partner, each of them will participate by equal parts of the countries turnover.

This bonus will be received as long as the State-Institute-Partner is active and as long the following terms still apply:

1)     In the first year the intermediary will receive 1% of the countries turnover without any restriction.

2)     If the line of one million euros turnover is exceeded, he will be given a second year with 1% of the countries turnover.

3)     If the line of two million euros turnover will be exceeded in the second year, the one percent will be a lifelong reward and is inheritable to his/hers descendants.

The turnover percent for mediating will lapse when the State-Institute-Partner resigns or, violating his obligations, is being terminated and therefore no more turnover will be generated.


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